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Reusing Reduces Your Trash Footprint... minimizing waste and maximizing resources. Reusing instead of discarding products, results in less waste in our landfills. So, get creative, think outside the box and “know before you throw!” Here are some reuse ideas we’ve started incorporating into our lives:


  • Use dryer sheets as dust cloths for electronics

  • Instead of using grocery store’s plastic produce bags, purchase reusable ones.

  • Switch to cloth napkins and handkerchiefs. (We use our cloth napkins for more than one meal and wash when necessary.)

  • Cut up worn out t-shirts and use as washable rags.

  • Use cereal bags as wax paper or to keep vegetables crisp.

  • Save gift boxes, wrapping paper, bows and gift bags and reuse.

  • Turn one sided printed paper into scrap paper for notes.

  • Avoid plastic utensils and paper products. Use your own dishes and/or reuse the plastic. (Bamboo utensils make great traveling companions.)

  • Use rechargeable batteries.

  • Take your own travel mug to the coffee shop.

  • Bring reusable containers with you to restaurants.

  • Wash and reuse all sizes of Ziplock bags. (As long as the bag still holds water, it’s still useful, especially for freezing fruits and vegetables.)

  • Use glass containers for hand and dish soap, and household cleaning solutions.

  • Create campfire starters with dryer lint stuffed into toilet paper cardboard inserts.


Have you heard of UPCYCLING? It is a trendy and creative approach to reusing items:

1) Reusing old clothes in clever ways

2) Crafts using egg cartons, toilet rolls or tin cans

3) Transforming glass jars and wine bottles

For additional creative ideas and inspiration visit or google: "trash to treasures" for hundreds of ways to reuse just about everything!



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