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Loony for Loons!

ESSLA loves loons! Did you know that:

· In September 2021, the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation designated our body of water as a "Loon Friendly Lake.”

· For the second season in a row, we installed two floating nest platforms. Since Loons don’t walk well, they lay their eggs close to the shore, but water level fluctuations make their nests vulnerable. These floating platforms can provide a safe haven for loon nests and have worked successfully in Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont. But if you happen to spot one while out boating, please slow down and admire it from at least 80’ away.

· We have an annual clean-up day. Wading the shoreline, ESSLA board members and volunteers collect fishing line and lures, cans, bottles and more since all of these interfere with loon nesting and feeding. We want to encourage our loons to stick around.

NOTE to all those who volunteered to help with the loon clean up day. Due to the continued high lake levels, we've cancelled this year's event. Instead, we're hoping you can clean up a section of shoreline you can reasonably access. Results can be emailed before September 1st to:

Next year we're cheering for less rain and will schedule a normal loon cleanup day. Thanks all!

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