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We are a Loon-Friendly Lake!

We are happy to announce that the Adirondack Center for Loon has certified Schroon as a Loon-Friendly Lake for the third consecutive year!

"Our team is excited to have earned this recognition for Schroon Lake again this year," says ESSLA Director and Vice President Tad Matley, who leads Schroon’s Loon-Friendly Lake program. "Of course, the highlight was the success of one of our floating nesting platforms, where two chicks hatched despite exceptionally high-water levels this breeding season. The loons themselves seemingly affirmed the recognition."

When fall arrived, loons from other lakes and ponds began congregating on Schroon Lake as they prepared to migrate. Observers reported counting 15 loons around the Lake, far more than the breeding season census.

We’re eager to welcome back our loons in the spring of 2024!


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