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Loon Friendly Certification

In September 2021, Schroon Lake was designated as a Loon Friendly Lake, as determined by the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation.

A group of dedicated ESSLA volunteers helped achieve this by completing a rigorous seven-step process, with the final one being a significant lake clean-up effort. The team took on a stretch of lake on the west side with shore inspection, wading, paddling and snorkeling in search of items which might be hazardous to loons or would reduce Schroon Lake’s attractiveness to our Loons.

ESSLA also installed fishing line recycling containers around the lake, initiated efforts to remove the hazardous use of lead tackle, and is providing educational signage and materials to Schroon Lake’s property owners and visitors.

But reaching “Loon Friendly” status is just the beginning. Our clean-up efforts will be ongoing and this year, we are introducing Floating Loon Nest Platforms.

Loons nest near the water’s edge, which can be dangerous in lakes with varying water levels, such as Schroon Lake. These platforms rise and fall with water levels, providing safe nesting areas for loons.

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