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Waters and Lands of the
Schroon Lake and River Watershed

Join us for ESSLA's Annual Welcome Back Dinner!

June 7, 2023 @ 5 p.m.
Warrensburg's Lodge on Echo Lake

$35 tickets

Purchase tickets online here
Mail a c
heck to: PO Box 206, Adirondack, NY 12808
Payable to "ESSLA" (Please write "annual dinner" on the memo line.)

Looking forward to seeing you!

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA).png

Save our
Hemlock Trees!

Between now and early summer, check Hemlocks for HWA, a white, waxy, “wooly” mass clumped on the base of a needle on the underside of a twig. If you see something, note the location, take a photo and email,


Invasive Species
Threatening our Region


Dedicated Members


Volunteers Making a Difference


Projects That Promote Our Principles



ESSLA (East Shore Schroon Lake Association) is a volunteer organization that loves Schroon Lake and the Adirondacks! Yearly, thousands of hours are spent preserving, protecting and improving the waters and lands of the Schroon Lake watershed to ensure it remains the “Pearl of the Adirondacks” for generations to come.


Volunteer and
Make a Difference

Volunteer to become an ESSLA ambassador and join us in our efforts to preserve, protect and improve the Schroon Lake watershed. This is a great opportunity to meet new people while working toward a common goal.  Scout for invasives, provide us with environmental or technological guidance, join the Loon conservation efforts, organize our raffles or help at one of our events. The more volunteers we have, the more we can do. Even a small amount of your time makes a big difference to the lake and lands we love!


Invasive Species Harshly Impact Our Watershed Everyday... 

We need your help! Invasive species, often referred to as “unwanted hitchhikers,” threaten our lake, home properties and the surrounding watershed. Invasive species are non-native plants, animals or insects that cause harm to the environment and/or people’s health. One of the biggest threats to our watershed is the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. If not controlled, most our region’s hemlocks will be destroyed within 10 years!

Give a Gift

Looking to give back? Support our organization and donate to a cause that supports your same vision... protecting the Schroon Lake watershed for years to come.

Renew or New  Membership

Preserving, protecting and improving the waters and lands of the Schroon Lake watershed takes a community of people like yourself. 


What's Happening?

ESSLA provides opportunities to connect with others, learn, improve our watershed, make a difference and be an active part of our community. Check out some of the initiatives and events we are involved with and join us. Whether you're a new or dedicated returning member, we are excited to have you!


Stay Updated

Get the latest information via our e-newsletter “The Mini Pearl” and annual print newsletter “The Pearl.” Stay up-to-date on ESSLA’s special events and its on-going efforts to protect the health and beauty of the Schroon Lake region.

Your email and address are safe with us! We don’t like SPAM or junk mail, so we don’t SPAM or sell our subscriber’s information. We would rather put our efforts toward the greater good of Schroon Lake. 😊

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